PA system, Backline and Lighting

A good quality sound is important for any performer. We have taken this very serious, so serious that for any gig we can reach by car and trailer we normally bring a sound and lighting system that can handle most indoor venues as well as it works out doors for a crowd of up to 1000 people. It is important to realize that this package is allways included when we are hired unless otherwise agreed.

PA system

The PA system consist of 4 pcs compact (2x18") subwoofers and 4 pcs McPhearson (1x15", 2x5,5" 1x1") mid-high cabinets, this is a competent while yet very compact system which can also be used in single configuration (as on picture) for smaller venues.

Amps Mixing and Effects

Our Amplifiers for the PA contains of 3 pcs Amcron Studioreference, and 1 pce Crest CA12 delivering a total of 7KW, This setup is controlled by a DBX processor. Our mixer is a digital Yamaha 02 with TC electronics Unity effect. Mixing usually takes place from stage or FoH 15 to 25 meters from stage. Our monitor system consist of four JBL 15" EON and Mackie 450 active monitors.


Light is very imprtant for the overall impression and the atmospherer, thats why we have a complete setup of lights consisting of 4 Moving heads and 12 Led lights . As front lighting we are using 8 pcs PAR 56 on separate tripods. In order to be able to adopt to most stages and venues we have a light truss on lifts which can be configured betweeen 3 to 7 meters in length and elevated up to 5 meters, behind the light we provide a molton curtain (not least to improve the acoustics) on which we apply our high resolution backdrop.


Premier 22x18" bassdrum with dual pedals, 12" hanging and two floor tom´s. Cymbals from Paiste and Sabian

Bass gear

Hughes & Kettner BassBase 400 with two 4x10 cabinets, tuner and wireless system.


Mesa Boogie dual rectifier top and two Marshall 4x12 cabinets.

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